Pipecleaner Alphabet Letters



This week is review for our VPK kids, so I wanted a fun way for them to practice making thier letters. I decided to give them all 2 pipecleaners (3 if they said they needed another) and get them to make letters of the alphabet. They could make any letter they wanted, upper or lowercase. They were so proud after each letter they made and go to show me. They were even more proud because I told them I wanted to take a picture after they did it! Just telling them that I would take a picture of their work motivated them to try hard and to let me know when they got one done. I loved seeing the different ways they chose to make letters and how their creativity played out it in. It’s just a quick, easy, and fun way for them to practice. It could be used as a center or a time killer. Not only does it help them with forming their letters, but it also helps them with thier fine motor skills. And another perk…you can straighten them out and use them again! I’m sure they will be even more excited next time when I bring out more colors for them to use also!


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