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Rice Krispy Treat Kissess



Since my last Valentine’s treat for my husband wasn’t his favorite, I decided to make something that I was 100% sure he would like. So I made him extra large rice krispy kisses! They were super easy to make and pretty fun too!

To make them, you just start off by making rice krispy treats like you normally would. If you don’t know how, then here are the quick directions.


6 cups of rice krispies
1 bag of marshmallows
3 tablespoons of butter


Put the marshmallows and butter in a bowl and heat it in the microwave for 2 mintues. Stir it and then heat it for 1 more minute. Make sure that you spray your spoon with Pam before you stir, or else they will stick to the spoon really bad. Then mix in the rice krispies and stir it all together. Next comes the fun part!

In order to make them look like kisses, you are going to put the mix into funnels. Once again, make sure that the funnels are sprayed with Pam very well, or else will be a pain to get them out! In order to get it down in there good, I just sprayed my hands with Pam and then pushed the rice krispy mix down into the funnel. I had 3 different sizes of funnels that I used. Then I just put the extra in a pan to eat.


Once they are done cooling, then you can take them out of the funnel and wrap them in foil. I also molded mine a little to make them look a little more like kisses. Then you can write or type out a short line to your honey and put it on a strip of paper to stick out the top of the kiss. To wrap mine, I set the kiss flat on the foil and then just started folding it upwards. Once I got towards the top, I started twisting it and tore off extra pieces of foil where I needed to. Then when that special someone opens it, they will find a sweet treat inside!


IMG_7495 IMG_7481 IMG_7867

Once again, this is another thing that I found on Pinterest. Here is the link from where I pinned it: http://www.bargainblessings.com/frugal-valentines-day-ideas-round-up/

My husband loved his special kisses! Nailed it!!!