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Be My Valentine – another handprint card for kids



This is another cute Valentine’s Day craft that I saw on Pinterest and did with my VPK class. It was very simple and turned out really cute I thought!


tissue paper


1. Paint both of the child’s hands.

2. Have them place their hands on the paper so that their hands form a heart like the one in the picture. As they are doing it, the heart will look like it is upsidedown. For my 4 year olds, I had to physically take their hands and put them down so that they made a heart.

3. Once it is dry, write a cute saying in the middle of the heart: Be Mine, Be My Valentine, LOVE, I Love You, etc.

4. Put glue around the outer edges of the paper and let them put little pieces of tissue paper all around their card. If you wish, cut off the extra pieces that are hanging off the edge. I cut the extra off mine, but I found that my kids used less paper than I did and it actually looked cuter when it was not trimmed.

This was an easy fun card for them to do for their parents, and something a little different than normal. I gave mine to my husband. 🙂


Here is the link I found it on: http://rosinahuber.blogspot.com/2011/01/valentine-handprint-cards-one-for-you.html

Nailed it!!!