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A craft for my spoiled puppy


IMG_7369My beloved puppy, Allie Belle, got so many clothes this Christmas that I decided she needed a clothes rack. So this is what I came up with. It’s just something special for her and it makes it easier to get to all of her clothes, harnesses, leashes, etc. It is hanging in her “room” above her doggy bed and beside the crates with her toys and treats.


To make this I used a wooden plaque from Michael’s, cabinet knobs from Wal-Mart (they came in packs of 2), cups, and paint. And a friend of mine gave me hangers that she no longer needed for her baby.

First I painted the edges of the wood the different colors. Then I painted the whole top pink. I only did 2 coats of that. Then I got 3 different sizes of cups and traced random circles. Next, I painted the circles different colors and kept reapplying new coats of paint once they dried. It took quite a few coats to cover up the pink underneath. I looked online for the font that I wanted to use for her name and then I practiced it a lot on paper first. Then I painted her name on there with 2 coats of purple. That completed all of the wood painting. Then I used a sponge to paint all the knobs. I did 2 coats on those as well. Then I painted the letters on them. Next I set them on there where I wanted them and then got out my measuring tape to make sure that they were all even. That’s when my husband came in the picture. I put marks where I wanted the holes, then he drilled holes in there for me and screwed the knobs in. I could’ve done it myself, it was just much easier to have him do it! Then all I had to do was put alligator hangers on the back to hang it on the wall. Then I decked it out with all of Allie’s clothes.

I am a firm believer in spoiling pets, and I was thrilled to be able to make something special for my Allie! As soon as I hung her clothes on it, she started jumping up at it and now she goes straight there when I mention putting clothes on her or taking her for a walk. It took a while to make with all the coats of paint, but I am very pleased with the way it turned out. And it was nice to be able to say I came up with an idea myself and I didn’t find it on Pinterest!